Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Travel Tips: High Season / Low Season?!

High Season / Low Season? What do these terms mean? In travel terms, these are usually the months where there are Budget Travel Promos! The said months are the best time to travel (Low Season). Given that you have the luxury of time, cheap fares, discount packages and promos are relatively easy to find during the low season.

High Seasons for travel are long weekends (highly applicable to Filipinos, as we have a lot of holidays), the Holiday Season (Dec – Early Jan) and the Summer Months  (April – Early June).

As for our most popular travel product, Hong Kong Travel Packages, these are very cheap during the low season. Packages can be purchased for as low as 9,000 pesos inclusive of the airfare, hotel accommodations, transfers and tours. From experience, February to March and August to September are low seasons for HK travel. These are also applicable to other SEA countries. Budget Travel Promos, which are offered during limited time periods, can be purchased by contacting your trusted travel agent.

So if you want to book cheap and affordable travel packages. You may want to plan and book your trip during the months specified above!

Happy Traveling!


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