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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

FAQS: Group Booking Procedures

Group Booking Procedures:

  1. Write down a complete name list of ALL PASSENGERS, their respective ages and Citizenship.
  2. Decide on a Destination, Airline, Type of Hotel and Tours to be included in the tour package.
  3. Contact our office to request for a group quote
    1. Send us the COMPLETE NAME LIST
                                                               i.      FAX: 6613917 or EMAIL:
  1. Wait for our Official Quote
    1. Note: Quotes have an option date, Option Date = Expiration Date. After the option date, quoted rate will no longer be valid. A new quotation has to be made.

**** Rates will most likely increase after the option date provided.

    1. After receipt of the Official Quote, the client is required to provide all other details needed to temporarily book the group.
                                                               i.      Full Name
                                                             ii.      Birth date (Age)
                                                            iii.      Passport Details (for International Flights)
    1. A 50% down payment is needed : we accept Bank Deposits and Cash Payments
  2. Full Payment is needed upon  pickup of tickets/ travel vouchers and other documents

For inquiries and other concerns, you may contact our office at 6613917

Travel Tips: High Season / Low Season?!

High Season / Low Season? What do these terms mean? In travel terms, these are usually the months where there are Budget Travel Promos! The said months are the best time to travel (Low Season). Given that you have the luxury of time, cheap fares, discount packages and promos are relatively easy to find during the low season.

High Seasons for travel are long weekends (highly applicable to Filipinos, as we have a lot of holidays), the Holiday Season (Dec – Early Jan) and the Summer Months  (April – Early June).

As for our most popular travel product, Hong Kong Travel Packages, these are very cheap during the low season. Packages can be purchased for as low as 9,000 pesos inclusive of the airfare, hotel accommodations, transfers and tours. From experience, February to March and August to September are low seasons for HK travel. These are also applicable to other SEA countries. Budget Travel Promos, which are offered during limited time periods, can be purchased by contacting your trusted travel agent.

So if you want to book cheap and affordable travel packages. You may want to plan and book your trip during the months specified above!

Happy Traveling!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Luxury Travel : Premium Hotels

Luxury Travel : Premium HK Hotels

Contact us for more info!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Discount Airfare: US PROMO TICKETS

Presenting our newest Budget Travel Promos : US Promo Tickets via different Airlines

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Summit Jeepney: South Korea

Q: Where is the Summit Jeepney?
A: Queens Quarters, Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul, South Korea

Changdeokgung, also known as Changdeokgung Palace or Changdeok Palace, is set within a large park in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It is one of the "Five Grand Palaces" built by the kings of the Joseon Dynasty.
from Wikipedia

Summit Travels Tip: The best time to visit Korea is during Spring and Autumn. When the weather is just right, not too hot and not too cold. Also, remember to bring comfortable walking shoes if you're planning to tour Seoul using the trains.

Here are some additional pictures of Changdeokgung:

Budget Travel Promos for Korea are available, 
you may contact our office at 6613917 for more info!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hotels in HongKong: valid till Sept 2010

Budget Travel Promos (Updated : June 12, 2010) for local and international hotels
Please contact our office at 661-3917 for more information.
follow us on twitter: SummitTravels 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Budget Travel Promos: Affordable Bangkok Tours - Half Day/ Full Day

(Please click on the image to enlarge)

Our team periodically presents Budget Travel Promos throughout the year.
Rates posted above are valid till Oct 2010.

Please contact us at the following for other inquiries/ details:
YM: summittravels08

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cheap Travel Package: Hong Kong Budget Packages

Summit Travels International periodically comes out with Budget Travel Promos to satisfy their clients.

These are a few of the newest valid promos:

(Land Arrangement Only; All rates are for TWIN SHARING)

Budget Travel Promo #1
VALIDITY: May 1- Aug 2010

Hong Kong Free and Easy

Rambler Hotel/ Mexan Harbour: 88USD (3D2N) /// 98USD (4D3N)
Hotel 36/Dorsett Fareast (with Hotel Bfast): 85USD (3D2N) /// 110 (4D3N)

Inclusive of:
RT Transfers
Optional City Tour (if joining the City Tour: pax needs to pay 50HKD/pax for guide and driver after tour)
Daily Bfast Outside Hotel (unless specified)

Budget Travel Promo #2
VALIDITY: May 1- Aug 2010

4D Hong Kong with Disney Hollywood Overnight

Rambler Hotel/ Mexan Harbour: 200 USD (4D3N)
Hotel 36/ Dorsett Fareast (woth Hotel Bfast): 210 USD (4D3N)

Same Inclusions but with an overnight stay at Disney Hotel on the 3rd Day.

Budget Travel Promo #3
VALIDITY: May 1- Aug 2010

4 Days Hong Kong and Macau Overnight
(rates valid for Sun - Thurs dates)
Macau Hotel - Taipa Square or Similar Hotel

Mexan Harbour: 150 USD
Dorsett Far East (w/hotel bfast): 155 USD
Dorsett Seaview (w/hotel bfast): 165 USD
Langham Place: 255 USD

RT Transfers
Bfast Outside hotel unless indicated
Ferry Tickets
Compulsary HK Tour (pax needs to pay HK$50/pax for tour guide and driver)
Compulsary Macau Tour with Lunch (pax needs to pay HK$30/pax for Macau Tour Guide and Driver)

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