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Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Officially Summer!

Happy Hot Summer from Summit Travels International

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Travel Tips: How to book promo fares and packages

It's been a long time since we've last posted our Travel Tips. And since it's the high season for travel we've experienced a huge number of booking requests/inquiries about promo fares and promo packages, To address this and also help out travelers, Here's a few tips on how to get the lowest fares and packages for your planned summer getaway.

1. Book 3 or more months in advance!

Promo packages are made/pre-booked around 3-6 months in advance by travel agents. As these are subject to availability, the earlier you book, the higher your chance to get the lowest packages!

2. If you plan on going on vacation during the HOLY WEEK, Contact your travel agent at the start of the year, or better yet the year before.

Holy week packages are extremely hard to get. Early bookings will ensure that you have reserved rooms during the peak season.

3. Book promo fares online!

If you see 1 peso fares/ 40 peso fares online, and you have a credit card, Buy tickets asap! These are HIGHLY subject to availability and change daily. 1 peso fares today, may become 1,000 fares tomorrow.

4. Buy Packages/Airfares/Hotel Accommodations during February and August

These are LOW SEASONS for travel. Overseas tour/travel operators lower their rates and give freebies (ex. Free Disney tour, Ocean Park)

Remember, affordable travel packages are available seasonally, you should just know WHERE and WHEN to look!

Happy Travels!

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