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Friday, April 16, 2010

Travel Tips: What to pack for a trip + Tips and tricks

What to pack for a trip
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Hi everyone!

Overpacking is one of the most frequent travel dilemmas us travelers face, together with its unfortunate sibling, Underpacking.

Here at Summit Travels International, we want to make most travel experiences hassle and problem free. This post will most likely be useful for everyone who wants to travel. Be it here in the Philippines or for International Destinations.

Travel Tip Number 1:
Determine the average temperature of your destination and bring APPROPRIATE clothing. For example, Beijing during winter is super cold with or without snow, so do not forget to bring your winter coats!

Walking Shoes - Comfort OVER Style
Travel Tip Number 2:
Always bring good WALKING shoes. Yes, COMFORT over STYLE is highly important if you plan to do a lot of walking. But, you may bring flexible dress shoes/low heeled shoes for night outs.

It's better to be prepared - Always bring travel medicines!

Travel Tip Number 3:
Basic medicines - fever reducers, pain relievers, maintenance medicines etc. It's better to be prepared. ALWAYS.

Having said that, here's a basic packing list for a trip:

1. Walking shoes
2. Toiletries (female paraphernalia, moisturizer, sunblock, shampoo - travel sized of course/ If you can afford to buy it abroad, that would be better)
3. Dress shirt/slacks/ and for ladies: a dress in a safe color and classic silhoette - one you can wear while seeing the sights/ going out at night
4. Dress shoes (for females, comfortable and stylish wedges can double as day and party footwear)
5. Umbrella/ Waterproof jacket. Trust me. Umbrellas are much more expensive overseas. I've bought a simple black umbrella in the UK for 9 pounds.What a waste.
6. Simple T-shirts that can be spruced up with accessories (for females) - rolled to prevent wrinkles

Dark Jeans - Every travelers best friend!

7. Dark Jeans - For casual days / night outs (just pair it with dressy tops and shoes)
8. Crackers (for your day bag; this may be a life saver during long walking trips)
9. Photocopies of your passport/travel documents
10. Lightweight Towel - microfiber towels are light and dry fast /Sarong
11. Medicines
12. Journal/Notebook and Pen
13. Light Jacket / Plain Scarf
14. Camera/Slim paperback for downtimes
15. Underwear
16. Flip Flops
17. A Universal Adapter

ALWAYS bring a Universal Travel Adapter - not necessarily PRADA :)

18. Extra Bag (lightweight Eco bags can be highly helpful when storing knick knacks and extra "pasalubong")

Lightweight Eco Bags - For random stuff.

There you have it, if you want to add more Travel tips you may post it as a comment below!


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