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Travel Tips: Seoul, South Korea with Sample On-Your-Own Itinerary

Most people that inquire about Korean Tour Packages/ Airfare and Hotel Rates usually ask us these follow up questions:

"What can we do there?"
"Are things expensive in Korea?"
"What mode of transportation should we use?"

So to make it more convenient for YOU, our clients, we decided to do this blog post.  This will address the said questions plus bonus information to make it easier for YOU to enjoy and see Seoul!

Question 1: "What can we do there?"

A. Visit Historical Sites 

Korea is filled with cultural treasures! They've got several UNESCO heritage sites to satiate history buffs. The Jongno Area, specifically, is one of the most convenient destinations for cultural tourism as it has the Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung and Changgyeonggung Palaces. Plus, you can also visit Insadong-gil , where you can buy cheap souvenirs and eat Korean ice cream!

For Changdeokgung/Changgyeonggung - Take the LINE 3 Metro and get off at Anguk station, Exit 3
For Gyeongbokgung/National Palace Museum - Take the LINE 3 Metro and get off at Gwanghamun station, Exit 5
For Insadong- Gil - Take the LINE 3, Anguk Station, Exit 6 OR You may take the LINE 1 Train and get off at Jongno 3 (sam)-ga, Exit 1

Changdeokgung Palace 
Korea Travel Tip: There are free English Tours in the most popular palaces - be sure to check out their website prior to your visit!

Insadong - Tourist Area
Korea Travel Tip: You can buy cheaper souvenirs along Insadong- Gil than in the big malls. (Coex etc)

B. Taste the Local Cuisine!

Korean food is well known all over the world for their spicy - vegetable centered cuisine! You can try out different Korean dishes like Sam Gye Tang (Chicken and Ginseng Soup) , Jajangmyun (Black Noodles), Odeng (Flat "Fishballs") , Tteokppokgi (Rice Dumplings in Chili Sauce) etc. 

Tteokppokgi - Rice dumplings in chili sauce & Rolled Fish Cakes

Korean Travel Tip: You can see these type of food everywhere in Korea, but to be safe, you can buy from the Myeong-dong shopping area stalls.

C. Go to Korean Drama Shooting Locations

For Korean Drama fans, you can always take Korean Drama tours! Jewel in the Palace, Boys over Flowers, Full House and Princess Hours all have dedicated tours. Choose one and geek out!

Question 2: "Are things expensive in Korea?"

When comparing Korean and Philippine prices, YES, things in Seoul are more expensive than in the Philippines. That said, you can ALWAYS find relatively cheap food and finds there. For example, Namdaemun market is cheap - it's like the Korean version of Divisoria. Shops in Dongdaemun also sell trendy shirts/dresses which may cost more here in our country.

Korean Won (KRW)

Korean Travel Tip: 1,000 KRW is roughly equivalent to 38 PHP or .90 USD (in 2010), You can round up the numbers, just to be sure.

1,000 KRW = 40 PHP / 1 USD

Question #3: "What mode of transportation should we use?"

The Korean metro + your feet = cheap transportation, though some stops are a bit far from tourist areas. But if you have a lot of luggage and want to feel secure, you can always book your transfers with us - You only need to go out to the airport's arrival hall and our Korean Representative will be there with a sign bearing your name, he/she will then bring you to your hotel and help you check in.

Seoul Metro Map

Here's a sample on-your-own 4D3N itinerary:

Day 1:  Arrive Korea, Transfer to Hotel, Go to COEX Mall/ Myeong-Dong Shopping Area
Day 2:  City Tour in the morning and Korean Drama tour in the afternoon.
Day 3:  Free day for shopping / Watch shows (Fantasticks / Nanta Theater) 
Day 4:  Check out early,visit local parks/ shop and wait for your airport transfers.

1. Koreans are very helpful, though older citizens might not be able to converse in English, the best option would be to ask younger Koreans - Elem. students/ College students.

2. Subway/Metro Signs are in English; But, above ground is a different matter. Most street signs, off the tourist areas, do not have English translations. 

3. Always be careful/mindful of your belongings. There are robbers in ALL countries, no exceptions.

Want to check out Seoul Hassle-Free? Call us about our Affordable Travel Packages / BEST VALUE Packages to KOREA - with airfare, tours, meals and insurance!

If you have other questions and concerns, you may call our office at 6613917 or follow us on Twitter for Updated rates and Like us on facebook: www.facebook.com/manilatravelagency



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