Wednesday, January 6, 2010

FAQS: Booking Procedures, Office Hours, Services, Contact Information

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do we book tours/ packages with your company?
A: Contact our team and specify your destination, travel dates and budget. We'll do everything to create something that would fit your specifications.

Mondays - Saturdays (Except Holidays)

You can easily contact us through the following:
YM: summittravels08 Chat Me on YM
Tel/Fax : (+632) 661 3917

Q: Do you accept credit cards? If not, what are the PAYMENT METHODS available?
A: Unfortunately no, we do not accept credit cards. You can send us checks dated at least a week before your departure, CASH and Bank deposits

Q: Do you book local (Philippine) tours or hotels?
A: Yes, please contact our team for more info

Q: Can you book us with hotels only?
A: Of course, please specify your preferred hotel class/ budget and number of days and we'll find one for you

Q: Are there cancellation charges?
A: Yes, if you have already deposited the initial payment and we have already booked with our partner companies. Please contact any team member for clarifications and other questions

Q: What countries do not require TOURIST VISAS for Filipino Citizens?
A: Click here to go to our INFO POST about this topic

(Additional FAQS)
1. Twin-sharing/ Triple-sharing? What does that mean?
Twin-sharing pertains to the room type assigned for the package. This means that 2 people will share a room, given a specified per person rate. For example, Php 15,000 Hongkong 3D2N tour based on TWIN SHARING = 2 people in 1 room ; Php 15,000 per person . Triple sharing = 3 people in1 room.

2. Why do we have to go on a Compulsary tour? Can I just avail of the accommodation and ticket package?

Compulsary tours are usually included in super budget travel packages. Sponsor establishments in the destination usually help make the package tour super CHEAP. Yes, you can book Accommodation, Airfare and Transfer only bookings. But these are priced relatively higher as there are no sponsors.

3. Why do we have to deposit before the final booking?

The deposit serves as your guarantee to us that you're really decided and will go on the trip. This serves as a safety net for our company as once we FINALIZE your booking we are required to pay as soon as possible. Even if we have not received your full payment.

4. Where can we contact you?
You can email us through or call us at (+632) 6613917 (weekdays, 10am-6pm) you can also fill out a quotation request form at our Official Website: Summit Travels International


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